My Story

I, like you I’m sure, have a busy life. Between a 6 year-old, a husband, a job, and learning a new language and culture, I was stretched thin. Then…

Have you ever known something just wasn’t going well in your life, but you couldn’t put your finger on it? This is where I was a little while ago. After 4 years of my knowing something was off, while blood-test after blood-test said I was “healthy” but getting sick again and again, I took my health into my own hands. For 15 years in Los Angeles, I had used and learned so much about alternative health practices, but for some reason over the recent years I had forgotten. No more! First, I started using the essential oils for *my* health and well-being. Then I helped my son get better sleep and severely lessen his growing pains. (And my husband liked the Peppermint foot massages.) Read about this on the Essential Oils page.

That’s Me

I’m married with a smart and smiley son. Currently living in the Netherlands after having lived in Germany, the U.S. and Austria. I speak 2.75 languages :-). I would love to have yet another dog, but my son is still afraid of them, so we have a hamster – it’s not quite the same thing.


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