Essential Oils

The Family That Oils Together…

We had a very lazy day this past Sunday. As electronic media was not on the afternoon schedule, my 6 year-old son decided we should take out all our oils and see which ones are our top five favourite smelling oils.

I tried really hard to have one oil at each ranking. I didn’t quite succeed, but I did better than my son: my Top Five have 11 oils – my son’s had 24 šŸ¤—. (See picture above. )

For the record, here are my Top Five Favourite Smelling Essential Oils are.

  1. Clarycalm
  2. Lavender, Cinnamon & Balance
  3. OnGuard & the forthcoming children’s blend Rescuer
  4. Wild Orange & Lemon
  5. Peace, Holiday Joy & Siberian Fir

From my fragrance-favourites, my Uses-Favourites are, without a doubt, OnGuard and ClaryCalm! Not sure they do? Come back in a few days and I’ll tell you why they’re my favourites.

Be well!

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