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Frankincense Has Been Scientifically Proven to be an Antidepressant

Science is catching up to ancient wisdom. This time it’s Frankincense in the spotlight.

This is why Essential Oils have made me feel stronger, more even, more centered….healthier. They’re grounded in decades of use and currently sourced (by doTerra) to the highest scientific standards.

Take read and discover. And then choose to take the other path. Here’s to your health!

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Pain Bomb-My High Heels Did Me In

I went out to a Girls’ Night Out a few nights ago. I wanted to get dressed up so I put my high-heels on. The ones I never wear. The next morning my back was not pleased.

A few days later, a friend mentioned this wonderful blend: the Pain Bomb (also known as the Morphine Bomb). So I tried it. Wonderful!!

Here’s my recipe. I’ve seen blends with double the drops I’ve used, but Essential Oils are plants based medicine and I subscribe to the “less is more” way of thinking.

Got strong pain? Blend up a Pain Bomb roller. You can thank me later 🙄.

Please note: the information contained here is for personal information only. It is not intended to offer medical advice or treatment for any condition. Consult your doctor if you have any health concerns.


The Learning Continues

Just a quick note. I’ve been learning more about Essential Oils and reconnecting with the concept of holistic living. The learning part is going well, but I’m realising how toxic a world we’ve created. The holistic living part…er…um…got the concept down. The doing is where I’m struggling.

I’ll leave you with a quote from an EBook I’m reading. Come with me on the Other Path.